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GFW Technologies Inc., a precision CNC machine and fabrication facility, stands out for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and timely delivery. As a long-standing client of MitoGraphics, they have consistently brought unique projects to our table. Their latest challenge was no different: they needed permanent identification markings on high-precision check fixture gauges, custom-designed for a top-tier European electronics firm.


The project was riddled with complexities:

Moreover, the necessity to image at the base of the cylindrical barrels intensified the intricacy of the task.

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Harnessing our expertise, we designed specialized fixtures right within our facility. The next step was to employ a technique that thermally fused a ceramic marking to the plated surface. This ceramic imprint, once set into the plated surface at a blistering 1100 Celsius, stands out for its remarkable thinness and unparalleled durability. With this method in our arsenal, MitoGraphics is equipped to etch permanent markings on a wide spectrum of metals and plated surfaces, achieving detail resolutions up to 0.005".


Post our intervention, GFW Technologies has successfully rolled out multiple batches of these meticulously crafted gauges. Our custom-designed fixturing ensured that these orders were processed and dispatched with remarkable efficiency. 

At MitoGraphics, we pride ourselves on our versatility, marking an array of client-provided components through diverse techniques such as screen printing, digital UV, dye-sublimation, laser, and other state-of-the-art marking processes.

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