Apex Cycle Exterior Signage Project

There are some projects that get the whole team at Mito excited – working with Apex Cycle on the exterior signage for their new building definitely peaked the interest of our crew.  Not only did they have creative ideas that would allow our design team to help them dream big, but they sell some of our favourite brands and toys.  This was going to be the kind of work that we love.

Colin Lobsinger of APEX Cycle let us know early in the process that they were moving and would require updated signage.   The benefit of being involved early in the process is that we are able to be on have input on the construction to lend advice and guidance for the attachment needs and electrical requirements for the signage.  The new APEX Cycle building was being built by one of the leaders in local commercial / industrial development; Schiedel Construction Inc.   

The design team worked with Apex to determine how to convert their vision into a practical solution that we could engineer within their budget; and the constraints of the building site. The goal was to have large scale impactful LED illuminated signage that not only signaled that this was APEX but that they carried many sought after, reputable brands.

Working with our Professional Engineer, Marc from Signum Engineering we went to work on creating structurally sound signage and attachment methods.  We collaborated with the Schiedel Construction crew to create a backer behind the finished siding to attach to. The opportunity to be involved at an early construction stage give us the ability to have very little exposed wire and attachment in the showroom.

On a project of this scale, securing the required signage permits can be a major undertaking.   The signage was to be adjacent to the Highway 401; which requires additional compliance with the Ministry of Transit.   The Staff at the Ministry of Transit were knowledgeable and thorough when discussing the signage we were proposing. They were a great team to work with and after a long path of obstacles to overcome, the project was approved!

Once we had MOT Approval we were ready to apply for a permit to install and construct the signs through the City of Cambridge Building Department.   The signage bylaw in Cambridge stipulates that the size of signage allowed is based on the “frontage on municipal road” of the property. As Apex cycle is a large property on a Court the frontage was only approx. 2 lanes of traffic wide, a variance was required to have the project approved.  Once we were on the docket for discussion at Council we pleaded our case and it was voted on and approved.  Our team felt elated to have helped Apex Cycle to overcome the last obstacle to turning their project vision into reality.

The planned location of the pylon sign created some pretty serious obstacles for installation; accessibility of typical equipment was not possible.  MitoGraphics partnered with EBS Solutions, a local company specializing in Helical Piers, to engineer and install a structural base for the pylon sign.  In spite of the steep grade their equipment would be able to place engineered anchors in the ground to hold the base of the sign.

With our engineer Marc and the team of engineers at EBS on board this project was underway. Permits submitted and approved. Now to begin Fabrication and installation.

First phase of this project was the Fascia signage on the front and back of the building. The fascia signage is a combination of traditional illuminated channel letter, Cabinet sign and Halo-lit illuminated brand signs. The scale of the signage can be seen in the photos.

Phase two of this project was the pylon sign. As we grew closer and closer to the end of the year and fabrication was almost done on the pylon it was clear that the installation would be a winter install. We teamed up with Ryan from Constrong to prepare the terrain for the sign base, form and pour. Ryan’s team of young professionals cleared the area and prepared it for the installation.  Our team, Constrong and EBS fought the elements moved mountains and got the base anchored / poured and cured all in the dead of winter. Once the base was properly cured and tested for strength it was time to install the fully fabricated pylon sign.

The size the pylon is so large that it was split into sections and craned over the upright posts one piece at a time.  Naturally, we chose the coldest day of the year for the installation; The Mito install team, and our trade partners were all on site in -30 deg weather. Of course, we took time for a very Canadian Tim Horton’s Tailgate Party featuring chili, soup, coffee and treats to warm up along the way.

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