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Shipping and Customs Labels

Labels for marking freight are critical to ensuring that the product reaches it's destination without damage or delay.  MitoGraphics can help create labels to mark hazards, identify product, and ensure the protection of fragile goods.

  • Custom labels to indicate hazardous goods and their classification
  • Markings to indicate load restrictions (No Stacking / Store in Cold Environment)
  • Labels for tracking inspections / audits with markable surface for initials / date markings
  • Available in roll label or sheet format
  • Cost effective solution for ensuring consistency in product shipments


To consider before inquiring:


  • Quantity
  • Dimensions
  • Number of Colours
  • Mounting Preference
  • Permanent or Removeable
  • Shape
  • Laminate
  • Roll or Sheet Format
  • Exposure Information
  • Mounting Surface

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