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MitoGraphics Inc. works with clients in many industries, all over North America and beyond. Our process is designed to ensure that all project and product details are reviewed and approved by the client prior to production.

Our team can perform ink film adhesion testing on client supplied materials to assist in product development.  To ensure best results, we require the following information prior to testing:

  • Material Technical Data Sheet
  • Data sheets for any coatings applied to the material
  • Intended longevity of use
  • Requirement for adherence to UL, CSA or other regulations
  • End Use Application Information
    • Indoor / Outdoor Use
    • Exposure to UV / Moisture / Humidity
    • Chemical Exposure
    • Potential for abrasion or scratching
    •  Exposure to excessive hot or cold temperature
 Plastic Metal Fabric Self Adhesive
PolycarbonateAnodized AluminumNylonMylar
AcrylicStainless SteelPolyesterVinyl
PolyesterTitaniumVinylPerforated Stock
LDPEPowder Coated MetalMeshReflective
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Acrylic Coated Metal
PolypropyleneUrethane Coated Metal
Tamper Proof
ABSEnamel Coated Metal
Solid Aluminum Foil
PolyethyleneAluminum Composite

StyreneCoated Black Plate Steel (White)


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