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Welcome to MitoGraphics


Our team is passionate about our craft – we provide our clients with custom graphic products

to meet specific application requirements.


We work side by side with Engineers, Project Managers, and Business Owners and Executives

to help ensure that the right materials, processes and imaging techniques are specified for every job we take on.


The Mito Team understands that developing a new product or concept can be overwhelming. 


We can help with every stage of your design process, including:

  • Selecting materials suitable for the environment / application

  • Providing options for image output and consulting on the benefits / options available

  • Review of potential adhesion issues / concerns and performing testing (if required)

  • Performing Site Surveys for projects that require installation or large-scale components

  • Providing Design Services to create the image or graphic per your vision / concept

  • Technical expertise on how to manufacture cost effective prototypes

Our team has over 35 years of experience in graphic reproduction.  Over the years, we

have constantly added to our technology to keep current with our industry.  We are driven

to learn more about how the print industry is evolving, and how we can incorporate new ideas,

materials, inks, processes and techniques into our business.


We look forward to working with you,


The Mito Team


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