3M Training Session on DI-NOC Media

I had the chance to head to the 3M facility in Milton for a seminar on their DI-NOC product. Before the seminar I didn’t know too much about DI-NOC. My eyes are opened wide on the product now!

First of all the name DI-NOC means beautiful by day and beautiful by night. The product has been around for years from its fir​st appearance on vehicles. Do you remember the wood paneled station wagons of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Well that was DI-NOC. The product now comes in over 1000 patters, that includes different patterns textures and finishes.

The product now has more than a few different lines. Interior: abstract, carbon fibre, concrete, fine wood, hairline metal, haku/washi, leather metallic wood Mortar/stucco, oxidized metal, single colour, stone, smooth stone, textile, woodgrain & whiteboard. They have many variations of texture and colour within these product lines that will fit any design aesthetic.

A sub section within the interior product line is something called Dry wood, it has a very matte finish with a warm look and feel. Honestly it looks and feels like wood, you can feel the grain!

For exterior application they have earth stone, fine wood, metal, oxidized metal, single colour, stone and wood grain.  YES that is correct exterior application. It can be applied to exterior applications from building facades, to cost effectively revamping tired signage.

One of the great things about DI-NOC is it being a cost effective alternative to traditional millwork and renovation. When you want to revamp a space because of tired looking fixtures it is a large undertaking with various general contractors and construction trades. The benefit of DI-NOC is the downtime is very limited. Turning a 2 week long renovation into a ½ day revamp. When downtime is just not an option as in retail or hotel industries DI-NOC is the best option.

This video shows how easy the maintenance will
This shows the potential impact of DI-NOC

Let me know if you have an application for DI-NOC.  Mito is here to help and discuss any upcoming projects!

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