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What is it like to be a Mito client?

What is it like to be a Mito client?

By In Blog, News On September 22, 2017

At MitoGraphics, we follow a 4 Step Process that is easy to understand, helps guide approvals and decision-making and decreases project turnaround times.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you become a Mito Client.

Request a Quote.
The first step is for you to request a quote. We make this easy on you by allowing you to submit materials on our website, via email or over the phone with an Account Representative.  Nothing is off limits. If your idea concept is simply a hand-drawn sketch right now, our team will bring your concept to life.

Choose the Substrate.

Material selection is a very important step in our process. The Mito Team will work with you to understand your project and recommend the best materials for a lasting product.  MitoGraphics can accommodate printing on client supplied materials.  Please send in a material sample if possible, so our team can do adhesion testing to ensure the selection of a suitable ink for the project.  Factors we consider will include exposure to chemicals, UV, extreme temperatures etc. We always are cost conscious and will find the perfect solution that will be effective, and be in line with the project budget.

Choose the Process.

This is all about deciding which manufacturing process is the most cost effective for your project. Again, the Mito Team will be there making recommendations along the way. Our recommendations can include screen printing, digital imaging, and we will fabricate on just about anything you can imagine.

Create the Final Product.

Once we’ve made it to this step, we will have a digital proof of your project ready for your review prior to production. This gives you an opportunity to confirm materials, quantities, tolerances, colours etc. and gives you the confidence that your final product will match your vision.

Be a Mito ClientNow working through the 4 Step Process has never been easier. In Spring 2017, we launched an online and mobile-friendly workflow process that has improved communications, decreased approval time and most importantly increased customer satisfaction.

We knew we could work faster and smarter and help contribute to our goal to provide the highest possible level of service. With the launch of this new tool, we are doing just that. As a customer of MitoGraphics you’ll enjoy an automated workflow that is:

Secure – online location to review workflows and review project status.

Mobile Enabled –  so you can check-in on your project anytime and anywhere.

Automated – notifications allow you to be instantly notified when we need your feedback and approval.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 1.866.275.6486 or request a free quote online.

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