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Proofreading Tips & Techniques

Proofreading Tips & Techniques

By In Blog, News On October 31, 2017

“Proofing is a critical step in any project involving a printed image or text.

The process of proofreading a document or layout is often rushed.  It’s very easy to do a quick scan of a proof, and approve it without really reviewing the detailed information provided.  This can be a costly, and time-consuming error – and one that is easily avoided.



The following tips for properly reviewing and approving a proof will help the reduce the chances of potential issues:

  1. Always print the proof and review in hard copy rather than on the computer screen. 
  2. Read any text in the proof out loud – this ensures that you read every line in detail, and avoid missing any of the text. 
  3. Review the dimensions to ensure that they are accurate and in the same units of measure intended
  4. Have a second person review the text prior to approval to ensure that all errors have been identified
  5. If there are translations of the text, have someone that is able to translate the text proofread the layout and approve the translations
  6. Review the guidelines for use of any logo/branding on the layout to ensure it complies with the intended use

Proofreading requires a very high level of attention to detail.  If there is a person on your team that is a stickler for accuracy/detail, consider making them the final step in the review process for any proofing. 

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