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Security Labels

Destructible Vinyl Labels


These labels are perfect security situation and where you do not want a label removed from the surface to which the label was applied. Available in any size or shape and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Features of Destructible Vinyl Label includes:

  • Ensure your labels cannot be reused after removal.
  • Secure access points and assure integrity of assigned identification
  • Tamper-proof construction deters removal and unauthorized use.
  • Impossible to remove and re-use

Void Indicating Labels


If someone tries to remove this security label, the word “VOID” is left behind on the surface of your assets and the back of the label to prevent tampering and protect against unauthorized transfer. This product works well on indoor assets when it’s necessary to identify when the label has been tampered with. If removed from its mating surface, a permanent void pattern is left in the label.

Features of Void Indicating Label includes:

  • Attractively identify your products identification data with security barcodes.
  • Tamper-proof construction deters removal and unauthorized use.
  • Deter theft and unauthorized usage.