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Overlays & Control Panels

Overlays and Control Panels_Overlays



Highly durable overlays printed with custom graphics are engineered to meet the demands of each project for adhesion, chemical and moisture resistance and abrasion.

Features of Overlays include:

  • Velvet, matte or gloss surface finish (or a combination of effects)
  • Selective adhesive backing (around holes, windows or keys)
  • Clear / Tinted windows for LED / LCD features
  • Dead Front ink film for backlit features
  • IR Transmitting Ink
  • Prototype / Low Volume service available

control panels

Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel Control Panels


Equipment control panels are highly durable for industrial applications and exposure to chemicals, moisture and heat / cold. Panels are CNC precision cut per customer specifications to ensure adherence to the required tolerance. Markings on the anodized aluminum or stainless steel are sub surface and will not fade or scratch off.