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Nameplates_Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates


Anodizing is a cost effective, environmentally friendly electrochemical process, which converts the aluminum metal surface into a porous aluminum oxide, ultimately creating a more durable, corrosion  and weather-resistant product.  Anodizing can be used to create a clear (silver) effect; or tinted to a wide variety of colours to increase the impact of the final product.

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates are well suited for indoor or outdoor applications.

Common applications for anodized aluminum nameplates include:

  • Decorative / Branding Plates for Equipment
  • Regulatory Compliance Markings to convey safety or hazard information
  • Asset Tags for tooling, electronics or inventory
  • Tracking Tags for marking equipment with Serial Number or Batch ID

Nameplates_Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Nameplates


Stainless Steel is recommended for applications with high exposure to heat or potential corrosion.  Stainless steel can be cut to a custom shape, have holes and/or mounting adhesive.

Custom images including barcodes, variable data, logo or hazard markings can be applied to the stainless steel.

Stainless steel nameplates are available in mill or brush finish.  All nameplates are shipped with a protective mask applied to the surface.

Common applications for Stainless Steel Nameplates include:

  • Pipe Tags / ID Plates
  • Markings on plates for high heat equipment
  • High end appearance branding plates (brush finish)

Nameplates Coated Tin Plate Steel

Coated Tin Plate Steel Nameplates


The ideal solution for nameplate applications that require a durable white background or thin gage metal product.

The front side of the metal has a bright, white coating and the back is coated with a primer to prevent rust or corrosion.
Full colour graphics can be applied in low or high volume quantities.

The .007″ thickness of this metal makes it ideal for applications that require a nameplate to be adhered to a curved surface with adhesive.