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Kit Assembly of Decals

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Kit Assembly

Kit Assembly of Decals

Challenge: our client’s requirement for 21 separate decals was going to result in a high cost for film, screen and steel rule die setups due to the number of colours required, and the complexity of the image required. The project involved parts printed onto a total of 3 different substrates, with 2 types of adhesive. Mito wanted to provide the client with a cost effective solution, and one that would make assembly of the product in their plant easy for the operator. It would be very time consuming for their team to find each decal required, and even harder to keep the inventory counts correct over time.

Solution: Mito approached the client with a suggestion to consolidate the parts onto a common material and adhesive that would satisfy the requirements of each of the separate components. The client was able to approve the change to common materials; which enabled Mito to group the 21 parts into one print layout. This change resulted in 21 separate part numbers being consolidated into one part number, and the parts being printed nested on one sheet. The client was able to reduce their installation time for the graphics, and the setup fees were reduced by 75%.