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IR Transmitting Inks

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IR Transmitting Inks

Challenge: Our client had a requirement for a face plate for a device which would be placed in store front windows or retail displays to count the number of people that passed by – the counter was a tool for retailers to estimate the customer traffic at specific times / places.

Mito wanted to provide an aesthetically pleasing graphic for the face plate of the device to hide the camera; however, it was important that the camera was able to maintain the ability to capture the images required to provide the count of the traffic passing by.

Solution: Mito provided a polycarbonate film printed on the second surface with the client’s logo on a black background.  In the area directly in front of the camera lense, an IR Transmitting ink was used; and the black was omitted.  The IR Transmitting ink allowed the camera to function properly; while still providing sufficient opacity to hide the camera lens.