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Dead Front Inks

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Etratech - Dead Front Ink

Dead Front Inks

Challenge: Our client had a control panel requirement for an electronic device that had a high number of function symbols on the front which appeared “cluttered” with graphics.  While the image was functional, it did not have the “clean” appearance the marketing team was seeking.

Mito wanted to provide a solution that would allow the control panel to present the required information, while having a more streamlined appearance that would make the appearance of the component more desirable from an aesthetic perspective.

Solution: Mito provided the client with a dead front option for the client.  The dead front ink results in the control panel having a sleek black appearance from the front side, until the specific symbols are backlit when in use.  At that time, each specific symbol illuminates in colour, printed in a translucent ink on the layer behind the dead front black ink.